Freeze Your Fat: How It Works…


The procedure for CoolSculpting is the only non-surgical, FDA-cleared fat reduction treatment which use a controlled cooling to decrease fat which resists your efforts via exercise as well as diet. The results are noticeable, proven, and lasting; therefore you will look great from all angle.

Freeze your fat away? It comes down to science. Realizing that your fat cells freeze at a temperature higher than surrounding tissues. Now, CoolSculpting technology safely gives precisely controlled cooling to efficiently and gently target the fat cells underneath your skin. These fat treated cells are frozen (crystallized), then die. With time, your body processes the fat as well as decreases these dead fat cells, therefore leaving a more sculpted you.

Just sit back and say goodbye to that stubborn fat. After your provider choose the part(s) to be treated, the device is placed on the body and controlled cooling is then applied. During the procedure, feel free to check email, read, or even take a nap as you want.

Reshape the body. You can quickly reduce fat in many areas of your body using a CoolSculpting procedure, and extra sessions may further improve your results. Your provider will assist you to produce a customized treatment plan tailored only for you.

The fat freezing CoolSculpting procedure is entirely non-surgical, so you can return to normal activities quickly.

Be used to liking what you just see. In the weeks to follow, naturally, your body processes the fat as well as reduces these form of dead fat cells. As soon as the fat cells are finally gone, know that they are gone.

Am I a good candidate for fat freezing?

Candidates have observable bulges in some areas they would like to reduce. The fat reduction procedure of CoolSculpting is specially made for those with unwanted fat which resists exercise and diet. Contrary to gastric bypass surgery, this procedure isn’t a weight reduction solution for obese people. It is a non-surgical option with results similar to liposuction. Seek a one-on-one discussion with coolsculpting providers near princeton and they will help you figure out if the CoolSculpting procedure is proper for you.

You may begin to see changes as fast as three weeks after the treatment, and you will get the most amazing results after two months.

Are you prepared to love your view? The sooner you start your consultation, then the sooner you will see results in your mirror—the long-term results in parts that have resisted all efforts via diet and exercise. Discuss with your provider today to find out if the fat freezing procedure is your right choice.