My Awesome Experience with Lawyer Jamie Deremiah – I Will Never Forget It!


Pretty much like any law-abiding citizen out there, I had never been involved in a criminal case. So, my first experience working with a personal injury lawyer happened a few months ago. My car was rammed into by an intoxicated driver. Luckily my wife, Brittany, and our two beautiful daughters, Jessica and Amber, escaped with no major injuries!

However, I was hurt seriously and most people thought I wouldn’t survive. I mean, the level of damage to my car and body shows that indeed miracles do happen. But, somehow, I pulled through and then thought of having the culprit pay for the trauma.

The good guy in me saw it right to let the past go. Then, I thought, how can I just let the bastard walk scot-free? Can someone help me?

My wife tried to convince me to have whoever was responsible pay for it. I didn’t even know that there’s a particular group of lawyers dealing with similar cases as mine. So, when I was back to my workplace, my workmates wanted to know the fate of the criminal.

I was surprised when my friend Barry appeared infuriated by the fact that we were hit and I hadn’t made an effort to be compensated. I will never forget the look on his face when I brushed aside his concerns.

“Lawsuits? I hate them. They will take up much of my time, my money and my energy. Besides, who knows if we’ll win anyways?,” I wondered.

That evening, my wife suggested that I press charges against the criminal. I was so green and naive in matters lawsuits, attorneys, courtrooms and anything in-between, let alone knowing of any reputable personal injury law firm in Des Moines. So, I expected a not-so-pleasant experience.

I decided to go ahead, although the problem is, I knew no single lawyer who would handle my case to fruition. Thank God, some of our workmates knew one, Jamie Deremiah, one of the best personal Injury attorneys around. At this point, I was acutely aware of the seriousness of the matter, perhaps because of the substantial compensation that would bail me out of my seriously dire financial problems.

Finally, I had the balls!

I obtained his phone number from his firm’s website, and the first meeting was a success. For those who don’t know him, Jamie Deremiah is an insightful, smart and experienced attorney who knows most of the ins and outs about personal injury cases. He is so approachable and will seek to know how the devastation affected you and your loved ones before explaining to you why you have a competitive edge.

So, we talked for an hour or so, and I think that was the best conversation in my life – of course, besides the first day I met Agatha, my beautiful wife!

A series of meetings followed and Jamie agreed not just to represent me, but also simplify everything as I knew nothing beyond the confidence and the urge that he had instilled in me. And, by the way, he had represented one of our workmates in her divorce case and guess what…she won!

So, you can imagine how vehement she was.

He briefed me about if the case will drag along, the expected technicalities, the amount of compensation, his fees and why I needed not to panic. I had not healed so well and with no car, meeting him was hectic at times. However, such a jovial man who is so excellent at being a counselor for a lawyer here in Des Moines is a blessing.

He did his investigations, met with everyone involved and gathered all that he needed. After a week of evaluation, Jamie called me and told me that we would win even before the start of the trial period. He needed no private investigator as the evidence require were all, but apparent.

The highly anticipated day arrived, and the case started. Here I was, with Jamie, and there stood the person responsible for the accident. Who doesn’t hate that feeling of vengeance in the courtroom when you look at the defense team trying to conceal the facts!

From the way my lawyer articulated himself, presented the facts and helped me understand the scene, this man is nothing short of amazing. A round of sessions, some adjournments, silence and finally the ruling. Believe it or not, Jamie of the Jamie Deremiah Law firm in Des Moines, Iowa helped me get my rightful share of the compensation.

In a nutshell, Jamie Deremiah Law was more than a helper. I don’t know what your case is all about. I don’t even have an idea of how much you are willing to spend to get the justice that you are so longing for. But, just try him. You won’t be disappointed.